Tuesday, June 21, 2005

All's Well That Begins Well

The wedding of Lezlie and Vernon went on without any major hitches. Friday before the wedding was the longest day starting early and ending late. Setting up was accomplished with the help of several cousins, friends, and other family members. The food was prepared by three of L's aunts and our very helpful Deacon's wife. We really appreciate the help so many lent in getting all of the 45+ tables and over 350 chairs in place, food prepared and errands run. Rehearsal supper was at our little church basement, and rehearsal back in the Baptist church, fortunately both were not to far distant from one another. Rehearsal was too long, but what wedding rehearsal isn't. Daughter was somewhat stressed, but what new bride isn't. All went to bed late and up early for a 10:30 AM wedding, which meant be there at 8:00 for preliminaries and last minute adjustments.

We used a large, new Baptist church since our little church would not handle the long list of expected guests, nor did we have enough fellowship hall at our country church. I think we had between 250 and 300 people attend the wedding. Some came from PA, MO, GA, MD, NC, IN, MI, FL, SC, OH, and of course Va. We were blessed that so many took the time to come and witness the union of our children in marriage. We also appreciate the helpful Christian friends at Grace Baptist Church for their kindness and assistance and the use of their beautiful church.

The wedding ceremony went off as planned and so did the reception after. Lezlie and Vernon left for the mountains of TN for a week of honeymooning, and the clean-up was accomplished in record time, compared to the set-up time, making the day a short one indeed. Many thanks to all the servers, family and friends that helped. For another view of this event go here and read Lezlie's brother's thoughts in "Peace After the Storm" and a few others.

Please pray for Lezlie and Vernon as they now begin their life together as one before God in the service of Christ our Savior. Vernon is a medical student and blogs as Md-hopeful, he is on my blogroll.

UPDATE: 6/22/05 Go to tencentsworth blog for pictures of the Bride and Groom, just scroll down until you find them and a few other pics from the wedding. My son just loves his new digital camera so he is the official poster of pictures for the family.