Sunday, June 05, 2005

Is It Time For a Change?

Dear Readers: I have a request to make. While I want to primarily run a blog as a witness for Christ, I have realized that more folks want/need to voice their concerns about current issues that face us all in living for God each day within a pluralistic society. I seem to spend a lot of my time on other blogs in discussions on these issues and thought may be I should include more on current issues here along side lessons on God's Word.
I have wanted this blog to meet spiritual needs by encouraging people in God's Word, but I also see this need of seeking answers to questions raised by daily issues in life too. I have even shared some of these that concerned me in the recent past. While I have great respect for the many Christian blogs on the internet, I wanted something somewhat different since those out there were covering many of these other issues.
I have said that I wanted to avoid personal opinion here, mine or others, concerning the Word of God, but I am finding this hard to do with so much opinion in life. I also confess to a bit of writer's block recently on which Scripture passages to use, it is as if the Holy Spirit has closed my thinking and I wonder if He is trying to get me to include something else.
So, what are your thoughts as to the direction to take this blog, is it to change, do I to add more opinion and sharing of issues we face daily?
Pray, think, and then comment your thoughts, I thank you for your help.