Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Good Link to Read and Advice on Debating Issues

I have been lead to a link on the blog Stolen Thunder that I think all seekers and Christians should read. It is a response to a reader’s questions on why this person thinks God hates them. This is a good explanation on this subject and I encourage my readers to study this and consider what is said very carefully.

I have been reading much material from various sources in order to address issues and the use of Scripture that impact on the salvation of man. There is much disagreement in this area of interpretation of Scripture and the development of doctrine. There is also much information that manages to form agreement within these various interpretations and the doctrines that are formed. While I personally have an understanding of interpretation and doctrine that I consider Scriptural and inline with the faith that I live within, I do try to be charitable to differing views, seeking only to avoid outright heresy. While doing this I seek to learn from and understand other views, especially with a desire to strengthen my understanding of Scripture. I learned in my reading, from John Wesley, that when one is discussing doctrine and interpretation of Scripture, Wesley directs a Christian to use Christian charity towards differing interpretations and doctrine derived by others from the Scriptures. Debate should never use attacks on the person, only on the evidence of their argument, and only in a respectful and charitable manner. We must be careful of using labels to position others in a box that belittles them as persons. Crude language is definitely not to be used or tolerated. Help me with your comments or questions. I may use more of what I have learned in my searches among the Christian blogosphere in later posts.

May God use all of this information to His Glory and for our good, your friend in Christ, Truthseeker.