Sunday, June 12, 2005

A New Chapter in the Family History

I do not usually include what is happening within my family on this blog, but a milestone has been reached! My wife and I are about to enter the empty nest phase of our marriage.

Before I started this blog, two of my children, my son who is the oldest child and my oldest daughter, had already married. We are coming to the marriage of the last one, my youngest daughter, on this weekend. She is to marry a fine young fellow who is a medical student from the Augusta, GA area and they will settle near there.

Our family began growing when our son was born just before our third wedding anniversary and he is now 29, so you see that it has been a long time since we had a home to just ourselves. Coupled with this is the fact that all of our children and their spouses are or will be living out of state makes for some major quiet time in the home. That two of them are close together in GA will be handy, six hours away, the drive to the eldest daughter and husband will be twice as far for us since they live in MO.

If the Lord wills, and all proceedings occur according to plan, this wedding will occur on Saturday morning at *gasp* 10:30 AM! I think that since there is an expected turnout of about three hundred and fifty (and maybe a few more) it will be quite a busy week of preparations leading up to a very early Saturday morning to say the least!

I, and my family, do appreciate your prayers for "L & V" and the rest of the family as we make this change. May it all bring glory to God as this new home is established.