Monday, April 11, 2005

Apology For Absence

This is an apology for not being up to date with my posts since the death of John Paul II. I have been in a state of writers block and have been searching the Word of God for inspiration and guidance as what to write. I do not like to ramble and would rather have some continuity in what I post so that the material can lead rather than jerk the reader from topic to topic.
The latest tragic issue concerning Terri Schiavo and the quite normal passing of John Paul II in the midst of Easter have been a drain on me mentally and emotionally. As a Christian I cannot passively dismiss wrong when I am aware of it and can speak about it; thus my interest and passion for Terri and her family. In her death, God has answered all the prayers offered for Terri, and I pray that her family can find closure and continue to live with her memory and go on with their lives. With the passing of John Paul II there is a sense of loss, but in the normal way of life for one suffering with Parkinson Disease in their advanced years. Yet the loss is felt because of the simple goodness he represented to the world as a voice for peace and love in the name of Christ.
So, please be patient with me and I will, God willing, get something posted soon. In the meantime I encourage all to be reading as much of the Word of God as you can. Although I have been reading it for over 33 years, it still admonishes me and delightfully surprises me every time I read and meditate on it. God's blessings on all that seek Him and serve Him. Yours in Christ, Truthseeker.