Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Why Blog?

I ran into a wonderful slice of life while rambling among the bloggers I know and visit regularly. You can start here and see the Feb. 27, 2005 post and follow his links for the discussion. It made me think about my blog and why it is here. There are so many out there and it seems to be a selfish attempt at bringing attention to oneself. I guess it is just a phenomena of the times; like the invention of the printing press.

My stated reason for this blog is apparent and while this post is not directly aligned with that goal, I think that it is worthy of discussion. I do not consider myself an intellectual by any stretch. I just want to bring the simple (?) gospel of Christ to mankind and it seemed that this media was a good vehicle to do so. I have stated that this goal is to be reached without the 'opinions of men', myself included. Go to the link and read what transpired there, don't forget the comments, for that is where the subject grew. Call this a break to use our minds to see why we do what we do in our lives. Give me your thoughts for I think that this is important to extend the conversation from these blogs and their comments. Let me know what you think may help to reach the goal of this blog.

In the meantime we must not forget to pray for those that cannot speak. Please keep praying for Terri Schaivo. The current stay will run out March 18 or thereabouts, so let us not slacken our efforts on her behalf. Terri's case may be the precedent that brings euthanasia into our lives by law. Abortion is evil enough, let's not compound that sin with killing our elderly or mentally impaired people. See my post for more information by following the links; also you can google 'pray for Terri Schaivo'. May God bless and save us all.