Sunday, March 06, 2005

Why I Blog

I have wanted to find a way to witness for Jesus Christ that I was 'comfortable' with for sometime. While I am able to talk with people, it is a problem for me to remember the scripture I need at times and I usually do not have my Bible at hand. Blogging is a great way to order your thoughts on a subject and align them with what the Bible says. Saying what the Bible teaches is my goal, as I have said in past posts. I try to avoid what my church believes and teaches, instead, attempting to allow the Holy Spirit to lead the comments I write. I hope that I have been true to this goal and that it is helpful to you readers. However, I do encourage my readers to visit the link to Anabaptist Mennonites that I have on my home page. It is a very informative source for doctrine of my church, and I do support my church; please check it out for a lot of insight into how we apply the principles of the Bible in daily life. You will learn a lot more there faster than the plodding pace I use! However, please come back when you can!

On the last post I asked the question, Why Blog, to draw some comments from my readers. This was in response to a disscussion I read on another blog; the link is in that blog. The response was good. I appreciate what was said. JV commented that a blog is basicly an extension of our personality. Most blogs are just this and I enjoy reading about what is going on in each life which they represent, especially the comments that are given in response. In my case I try to limit my 'personality' in this blog by giving it to God for His glory; to be a testimony of His grace and mercy given to bring man to salvation. I want to refrain to offer the 'opinions of men' in the exposition of the Word of God. This is to let the Holy Spirit speak and draw the seeking soul into Word's truth and work His work in their hearts. This is to prevent any unproductive arguments or discussions on various church doctrines. However, I realize that we are people with opinions of what the Word says as pointed out in the comments I have received; so, if you need to discuss such opinions I will do that if it doesn't occupy too much time or go to far from the stated objective of this blog. Also, I have links to many of the bloggers in my life and hope you will seek them out for their input into life, they are instructive as well as entertaining. Enjoy!

Since I have learned to use a computer, which is going on only one year in July this year, I have been using it to study God's Word with the aid of Power Bible CD. This digital concordance is a blessing to me. It has opened up the Word of God so much and helped me to vastly improve my cross referencing of scripture verses for a better understanding into the mysteries of God. I suggest that my readers obtain one of these. It is inexpensive compared to many other programs out there ($20.00 + shipping) and if you pay a small copyright fee you get a code to open up several other popular Bible versions, the NIV among them, but it has a lot of versions other than the KJV included as is. It is available here so go get it!

I might mention that our church has a policy of accountability in using all electronic media for only spiritual, educational, e-mail between families, or business reasons. We sign a pledge card that we are open to all inquiries by any brotherhood member on our use, especially involving use of the internet. This is to help keep us pure by not indescriminately going into impure sites on the web. I have a policy of not surfing the internet, but only using sites that come to me through reliable sources; this can be from existing sites I frequently use, by word of mouth, from commenters on my posts, or in other media I trust. While I want this site to gain readership, I have descided to not use the various web advertising sites to promote this site. I pray for God to send the ones He wants to come here to read the posts and for referrals from them to their friends and through 'Google' type searches. (I ran into this blog searching for information on Terri Schaivo, nice to have that coverage!)

OK, this is enough on blogging. I want to return to my main reason for this blog; witnessing Christ. In closing, please comment on any subject you are struggling with along with comments on what I post here, all sincere requests are appreciated.

As I have asked in the last posts, I ask, nay I beg you all to continue to pray for Terri Schaivo. If a way to prevent it is not forth coming, she will be condemned to die by starvation starting March 18 when the current stay runs out. Pray for her that she survives this legalized murder; pray for her husband that God will change his heart or the courts will remove him from his role as caretaker of Terri and that her parents will be appointed caretakers. Also pray for the Judge that has made this terrible discision to allow Terri's death by the request of her husband, Michael, and that he will change his order. Pray for Gov. Jeb Bush and others that are trying to find a legal way to stop this atrocity from happening. Go to my post on Praying for Terri or google 'Terri Schaivo' for more information, but pray, pray, pray all you can, I have a conviction that prayer will help change this miscarriage of justice.

Lord God, I pray that you will stop this death sentence on your daughter Terri Schaivo. May you work your will in her behalf. Enfold her in your love and strengthen her parents in this struggle. If it be your will, change her husband's heart and that of the judge that she may be saved from the agonizing suffering of death by starvation. I ask in the name of Jesus Christ who suffered and died for us all. Amen.

Your servant in Christ, Truthseeker.