Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My Questions About Terri Schiavo's Life

This post is my 'opinion' on this tragic affair concerning Terri Schiavo. I do have my opinions, hopefully they are based on scriptural principles. I know not all will agree with me, that is normal in life, and I accept it. You are welcome to share your thoughts, but I ask that you not use vindictive accusations that cannot be proven, they serve no purpose but to add to the grief and suffering all are feeling in this affair. My thoughts follow.
This on going drama with Terri Schiavo has been extremely agonizing to me. I wasn't aware of this disturbing event until I started this blog. As I started reading other blogs the story came out and I couldn't believe what I was reading. I continued to search the internet for more information and I came to realize that there must be more here than meets the mind at first thought.
The information shows a man, Michael Schiavo, the husband of Terri Schiavo, who is the guardian of Terri on the basis of his role as husband and that is as it should be. This man brought suit in a medical malpractice charge concerning his wife's medical treatment and resultant condition, and said he needed the money for her therapy and care. He won, and then placed Terri in a hospice, not a hospital, and began seeking to 'allow her to die' as she had told him that would be her desire if she was ever in a diminished mental state. He said that she told him this in the past, before her collaspe. What I don't understand is this conflict in action and statement by Mr. Schiavo. I wonder what happened to the money, has it been spent on Terri's needs? Why a hospice instead of a hospital? Treatment is not performed in a hospice, it is a place of comfort for someone dying. Along with this is the question of the lack of further medical tests over these 15 years, but since Terri is in a hospice this would not be the course of care as it is not equipted to perform such tests or to provide therapy that she needs.
There are other disturbing pieces of information. Why has Mr. Schiavo taken a mistress and fathered children by her when he is married to Terri. I realize 15 years is a long time for someone to live celibate, but marriage is for life and 'for better or worse' and many people have been celibate for longer in caring for a disabled mate. At least he could have sought a divorce and let her parents assume her care, which they desire. In today's view of marriage, which is more based on the idea of 'physical love' and how the relationship 'meets MY needs', any partner that is convinced in their mind that a state of incompatibility exists in a marriage can sue for divorce. Why has not Mr. Schiavo done this if he truely loves this mistress of his and their children, and left Terri to the care of her parents? Why is not Mr. Schiavo just walking away from this situation and rebuilding his live apart from Terri? His answer is that he wants to make sure that Terri get's her wishes carried out and is allowed to die, since she told him that she would not want to live in a state of mental disability where she could not be in control. He is either the most misunderstood man in the world today or he is afraid of something concerning the circumstances surrounding his wife's condition. The sad and tragic part of all of this is that he has gotten his request granted by a Florida judge and has had Terri's feeding tube removed so that she can die. Terri is to die of starvation and dehydration. Hunger and thirst is to be her mode of death, sanctioned by the State of Florida's judicial court. I wonder if this would be acceptable method of execution in the Florida penitentiary in Stark, Florida, for condemned felons instead of lethal injection? Lots of questions.
This grim tragedy has a lot of unanswered questions and I cannot answer any of them, but I know that God does know the answers. I am convinced of one thing in my heart, killing Terri is not the RIGHT of the state or of any man, she has not been accused of anything worthy of death other than in their vies she is mentally damaged. I am also convinced there is another agenda at play here that is plainly parallel to what happened in Germany in the 30's and 40's; the establishment for a precedent for the euthanization of those whose quality of life is judged to be below a certain level of acceptance to society. This started with the killing of the mentally ill, then the disabled, then the gypsies, and finally the Jews. Society does not have this right! Some will say that this will not happen in the USA, but I want to remind everyone that when the RIGHT to an abortion was passed by the action of the Supreme Court in Roe v Wade it was said then that it would not be a common activity in our society for any woman to seek an abortion. I ask you, what has history shown us? Is abortion common? Now if euthanasia is allowed by this precedent, will it not follow the same path, maybe, maybe not? More questions, we need more answers.

What ever happens in this agonizing tragedy will be within God's will and for His purposes. This I believe compeletly. The Word of God says He uses even the wrath of man for His purposes. Faith in God demands that we trust Him in the times of life that we do not understand, just like we do in everyday life. The 'why' of such instances may cause us to question God, this is human. We are limited by our humanity and our finite minds and will not understand the infinite mind of God. God sees the end from the beginning in all situations, He sees this situation clearly. He knows the truth and will bring justice at His time, in His way, and for His purpose. His grace is sufficient for us each day, and is renewed daily as we trust in Him. I have given this tragic situation to God, for I cannot personally say I know what should be done. I know what I want to happen, I want Terri to live and get the medical care she needs and be allowed to be with her parents. I pray that God will grant this, but as Jesus prayed, I must pray, 'not my will, but thine be done'; God sees and knows what is best for Terri. I accept this, but I will deeply grieve if she dies in this horrible way under the auspices of the State of Florida.
Terri's ordeal is reinforcing within me some important lessons in life. God is using her to help me better see the importance of the needs of others around me. He is using this experience to remind me of the importance of all life; the unborn to the dying, and all in between. Call it a wake up call for me. How it affects your life is between you and God. I can only speak for myself. All I can ask for is mercy from God on all involved and grace with justice for Terri. May this be His will.
Our Father in Heaven, we hallow Thy Name. We pray that You will be close to Terri, her parents, and family. Grant them the grace to bear up under the strain of this awful tragedy. We pray that if it be not against Your will that Terri will survive and get the care and therapy she needs to live. Grant to us the grace to be faithful in praying for Terri and her family during this agonizing drama, and to hold firm in our trust in You, the giver of life. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son, who suffered death for us and rose in glorious power for our salvation. Amen.