Saturday, May 21, 2005

Modesty in Christians

Here is another interesting topic for Christians to consider in their manner of life. It especially applies to the youth of our churches, but is important to all Christians young or old.
Go here and read the second short post on May 20, 2005 and enter the discussion. Once again, you may comment there or here. Issues like this are used to strengthen us in our Christian life.
May God lead us in this discussion.
Update: I notice that Darin has re titled his post Purity and plans one on modesty later. I think both are related, although purity is deeper in that it is something at the core of our being with modesty being the visual part that we show others as to the state of our purity.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Christian Ethics

I am entering another delicate issue for your discussion, it is birth control, and I realize that it is a very personal issue for all people and especially Christians. This got started on the blog of another on my blog roll, the By-log, and you can use the link or just go here. The post is under the date of Thursday May 12, 2005. Byran is a student at Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute at present, and has many thoughts for his generation and us older ones to think about, and deals with daily life as a student or where he happens to be at any moment. Good reading and stuff to think on.
Once again you can post your comments there or here, it is your choice. May God lead you into His will in this matter and solidify your position as you read and ponder. May God bless us with this discussion.

Christian Singing and Music

I was over at a friend's blog and realized that an issue of what Christian music is and how it should differ from the world. His blog is here and on my blog roll as Darin's blog. The post is titled, Friday, May 06, 2005, in case it has faded into his archives. His post asks the question; the comments are the 'meat' of the discussion. Rather than try to reconstruct it all here, just go there and bring your comments here or leave them there, although the thread is running out there and headed for archives.
I usually have attempted to stay away from opinion on this blog, but it is becoming apparent that I may have to entertain some in order to have a more inclusive blog. Let us do this in an orderly manner is all that I ask of our discourse.
May God lead us into a worthy discussion.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Love One Another

I want to make a suggestion to my readers; go to this site and read it well. A hat tip to ChristeG for bringing it to my attention. The concept here is that the world will know a Christian by how they love one another. ChristeG has some thoughts too.
Read and learn, yours in Christ, Truthseeker.