Monday, April 28, 2008

Burn Out?

Have you ever reached the point that something isn't as exciting or as important as it once was? I may be in the early stages of burn out, so I am ready to make some decisions about my online footprint.

When I first "discovered" the internet, after learning late in life how to use a computer, I became fascinated with the concept of internet communications, especially within the Christian context of sharing the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God around the world from my personal computer. This was a very simplistic approach on my part overall, based on my own uninitiated and very pollyannish understanding of the process, nor comprehended the vastness of existing "Christian" and other religious and secular sites already on line and being added daily.

Well, hopefully I have learned a bit since those glorious days of the uninitiated; I have made many friends along the way by surfing the innumerable blogs and forums available that are Christian of one flavor or another, seen some go and new ones come on the scene. Eventually I found a place at one forum that has become home to me on line, and has taken me away from these original blog sites of my early days, as well as from Worthythinking.

So, I find myself at a point of decision; what to keep and what to let go.

I have decided to keep this site open for now and make it more of a journal of my ongoing Christian journey and hopefully in the process bring some light into my ramblings along the way. I may still impart some of my simplistic notions for I am of the opinion that theology is made way too complicated by our finite abilities to fathom an infinite Creator, so please allow me some grace in this case.

By the way, that forum that became my on line home is MennoDiscuss; feel free to stop in and visit there too. Also, I will be changing some of the links listed on this site, some on here have left the blogosphere or changed their site name or address. I have got to do some housekeeping as I have time.

Thanks to all that have continued to visit this site; I hope to reduce my tendency towards procrastination and post more often.