Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Changes

I wrote a post back last year on Changes and I find that I am at that point again, but from a more negative position than before. This post is serving as a catharsis so please bear with me.

Less than a week ago I was working in a power plant with a rail road crew that was assembling a train of empty coal hoppers for return to the coal mines in West Virginia. At one point I was asked to turn the van around and pick up one member of the crew and take him to the rear of the train. I scanned the area and made sure that my move was safe, but due to the outcome, I miss judged the stationary nature of the engine or the engineer chose to move, at any rate my van got hit by the train engine and it was totaled. For this I have been dismissed since I did not do "everything possible to avoid an avoidable accident".

No matter a year of employment with no accidents and a 40+ year motor vehicle record that is clear; I am deemed unsafe and now unemployed.

Well, how do I, as a Christian, deal with something of this nature that "seems" unfair. Do I seek to have the dismissal reversed? Do I just accept the ruling as is?

Humanly speaking I feel the call is unjustified due to certain details of the incident, which I won't go into them here. The Company is the authority and has the right to make such decisions they feel are necessary for the continued safety of their clients. Since I claim to be a Christian and I was under their authority as an employee, biblically I am to submit to their decision, no matter how unjust I view the decision.

I admit it is hard to accept this; the flesh wants to fight the decision; yet, did Jesus fight Pilate or the Jews that delivered Him up? No He did not; and since He is my example in life as my Lord, I must follow Him.

In the interest of having the record straight, I did send an email to the head of safety to correct some facts in the memo I received concerning my dismissal, but only that and no claim to have the case reopened.

The job was not a perfect situation, too many hours on the road, too many conflicting orders on service hours and the recording of on time arrivals from higher up management, as well as missing many fellowship opportunities and service opportunities with my home congregation. I felt I was apart of a conspiracy of sorts on one hand and not a part of my fellowship on the other, and was looking for different employment, so possibly this is my answer to the whole situation. However, I dislike the negativity it casts on my work record; something that may have to be explained over and over in the future. I am being carnal again; the spirit is willing but the flesh is so weak.

I find at this juncture that I have to accept responsibility that I was the one driving that van; it was my responsibility. Therefore, I will not seek any redress at this point, but leave it in God's hands by faith. I am grateful that I was not hurt, nor was anyone else. Praise God!