Thursday, February 10, 2005

Reading God's Word

I can understand why someone can find the Bible hard to read. We need to realize that the Bible is the Word of God to mankind written by many writers as they were moved to write by the Holy Spirit. God is the author of the Bible, it is His Word to us and He is explaining to us, by using history since the creation, how much He loves us. So you can view the Bible as a long love letter from God to you.

In order to read this wonderful letter of God's love, we need help and God has provided this with the person of the Holy Spirit. Now maybe we should get some titles straight about God before we go any further. There is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit and all are one and all agree. In the first book, Genesis God the Father created this world and the universe as we know it and He said, 'Let us make man in our image, after our likeness', Gen.1:26. God's said 'let us' so it was more than one working in the creation, these were the one true God in His three manifestations, and we will start with this Holy Spirit I mentioned above.

The Holy Spirit is a person. He is the guide of all true seekers of God. He does not speak of himself; only of God and of God's Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus promised a 'comforter' to aid the believers after He leaves this world and during the Church age. The Holy Spirit is God and we see God's power manifested through this persona in our life and in the world when God does anything. The Holy Spirit is to be our Guide in life as we understand God's Word.

I recommend that you get a copy of God's Word and start reading. The NIV, NASB, or the NKJV are good starts and they read in our modern way and are true to the original scriptures. However, avoid 'commentary or study' Bibles. Start with just the Word and let God start the process of teaching you with the Holy Spirit's help.

OK, I'll be back soon with more thoughts, be reading and use a note book to write down your thoughts as you go so you can pass them on to this blog for discussion. God be your guide, Truthseeker.