Wednesday, February 09, 2005

This is so new to me!

Hello, welcome to my new blog. It is new to me so I guess we shall learn to do this together. Some of you out there are old hands at this, so give an old guy a bit of a break as he learns the ropes. I have recently come into the computer world and entered the internet and this dog is learning many new tricks!

If you have read my background material you are aware that I am a Christian by profession of faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I fully believe that the Bible (KJV, NIV, NKJV, NASB) is the Word of God as delivered to man. I am a member of the Mennonite Church which does not say much to many people, but to those who know of this faith, we are conservative in our doctrine and even have rules and discipline for church membership that call for holy living according to the principles set forth in the Word of God.

Now in this current age it is somewhat 'quaint' to hear someone actually talk in a public forum about their 'faith' in God. This is what I want to do as often as I can. I think there are people out there who are looking for something better than a materialistic, self-centered existance. Many feel that there is a void in their life and that even in the 'success' that they may have reached in life, something is missing. Some even hate their life to the point that they despair of living. And some are asking, 'What is he talking about?" as they read this.

I hope that as we consider what God has to say to mankind in His Word that we may just find a place here to pause and reflect on our lives and allow the Holy Spirit of God to speak through this blog to meet our spiritual needs.

At the outset I want everyone to realize that I am not a minister of the Gospel, meaning licensed in anyway. I am a lay member in my church and only want to reach out to those who want to dialog on spiritual matters or consider questions of eternal importance. I can obtain the help of those more learned if the questions get deeper than I can address. I do not have all the answers, but firmly believe that God's Word does have them. Also, this is not a forum for those who want to 'prove' to me that there is no God. I will not address this type of discussion as it is settled with me and will only drain away the time that I have to spend with those who truly seek a meaningful dialog. If you do not want to believe in God then that is your right, just do not waste your time here.

I am open for questions on spiritual subjects and will offer some items of my own and those of others as time permits, so please comment as often as you want. I look forward to the possibilities we can find in this blog. May God bless all true seekers, yours in Christ, Truthseeker.